VISUAL STARTING POINT- a single photo selected out of many photos of droplets rain and frost melting on a spider web.

The visual palette of clips and effects for improvising the concert performance with..


SONIC STARTING POINT- a recording of rain on bitumen- massively slowed down to find interesting patterns  to translate to musical pitches and associated visual animation.

original rain recording ( low-fi phone recording amply good enough to capture transients and rhythmic pattern)

rain recording slowed down and resynthesized (using Metasynth image synth software tool) stage 1


Analysed as visual pattern or sonagram in metasynth allowed further manipulation and massive time stretching atleast 40 times slower than original reveals hidden patterns combined with a mixture of interpretative, aesthetic rather than strictly literal mapping- selecting 4 tone scale with the following ratios selected by trial and error for perceived appropriate interest and mood the rain pattern now mapped to a custom microtonal scale of just 4 pitches  

and now played by a custom instrument of junk percussion cowbell and other sampled sounds

then mapped to a custom sampled celeste and vibraphone instrument in metasynth

extensive microfades to clean up this sound and building of additive composition by Mark Pollard in Logic software tool.  

example of final sound

and an excerpt of the final piece as performed at its premiere at SoundIslands 2015 Singapore NTU ADM

"GridLIfe" & "We Notice Raindrops as they fall"- LIVE premiere excerpts SoundIslands15 Singapore NTU from Paul Fletcher on Vimeo.

We Notice Raindrops as they fall.

The nature of the collaboration in this process is not a straight forward linear exchange. Many many folders of sounds and many minutes of animation were reviewed by the collaborators with ideas and aesthetic impulses leading to new ideas and refining and simplifying of ideas that would not necessarily have developed this way with either collaborator working in isolation.